Join Us for Exciting Events at South Fulton Running Partners

At South Fulton Running Partners, we believe that running should be fun, exciting, and shared with a great community. That’s why we organize a variety of thrilling events throughout the year, designed to challenge runners of all levels and provide an unforgettable experience. Join us on the track, on the trails, or even in the city streets as we push our limits, redefine our goals, and celebrate the joy of running together.

Heart Day Event

Lace up your shoes and join us for our annual Heart Day Event. This unique race combines the thrill of running with the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for heart health. Run alongside fellow passionate athletes while enjoying our stunning race course that winds through the picturesque trails of South Fulton. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting your fitness journey, this event is a heart-pumping experience you don’t want to miss.

Get in shape for a good cause and support cardiac health initiatives in our community. Every stride you take at the Heart Day Event helps make a difference in the lives of those affected by heart disease. So mark your calendar, gather your friends, and let’s run together towards a healthier future.

Charity Challenge

Do you love running for a cause? Our annual Charity Challenge is the perfect opportunity for you to use your passion for running to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Participate in this rewarding event and help us support local charities and nonprofit organizations working tirelessly to make a difference in our community.

Lace up your shoes, gather your friends, and get ready to run for a cause. Our Charity Challenge offers various race distances, from a family-friendly fun run to a challenging marathon. Whichever distance you choose, every step you take helps make a real difference to the people and organizations in need. Together, we can create positive change through the power of running.

Fun Run Fiesta

Looking for a fun-filled event that combines running with a lively and festive atmosphere? Look no further than our annual Fun Run Fiesta! Whether you’re a serious runner or just want to enjoy a fun jog with friends, this event is all about embracing the joy of running while having a great time together.

Put on your most colorful running gear, bring your dancing shoes, and join us for the Fun Run Fiesta. This vibrant event features a 5K race with a twist, as you’ll encounter surprise music stations, water gun battles, and even a sprinkling of confetti along the route. Get ready to celebrate the spirit of running in the most fun and energetic way possible.

Annual Marathon Madness

Are you ready to take on the ultimate running challenge? Our Annual Marathon Madness is here to push your limits, test your endurance, and help you achieve something truly extraordinary. Whether you’re an experienced marathoner or want to tackle your first full marathon, this event is the pinnacle of running achievement.

Lace up your shoes, train hard, and join us for the Annual Marathon Madness. This renowned race takes you through the bustling streets of South Fulton, showcasing the vibrant cityscape and the cheering crowd. Push yourself to new heights, inspire others with your determination, and cross the finish line triumphantly. Let the thrill of completing a marathon become a defining moment in your running journey.